Church Planting

In 2012, we were married. God took us to Lexington, KY where we served on staff at CenterPointe Christian Church. There Xavier and Mia were born. In 2015, our world changed. We felt God calling our family to pursue church planting. We then began taking steps of preparation (assessment and transition) as we patiently waited for God to show us where He would send us. God led us to the Pacific Northwest.

George Johnson the Executive Director of the Christian Evangelical Association approached us about planting a church in the Pacific Northwest. The Christian Evangelical Association’s vision is to encourage a church planting movement resulting in the planting of 100 new churches across the Northwest.

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Our 5 Year Vision

Phase 1: Church Planting Residency – Beginning July 2017

    1. Move to Vancouver in July/August 2017.
    2. We will be engaged in an 18-month church planting residency. This will enable us to: Adjust to a new culture; Enhance gifts and skills; Build relationships.
    3. Locally, we will serve as full-time staff under the direction and mentorship of Dave & Lori Vigna, Lead Planters of The Branch Christian Church. Help The Brach Christian Church get to maturity (self-support & self-governance). The Branch is a two-year-old church plant (Fall 2015) in the East Vancouver/Camas area.
    4. We will also participate in a CEA residency cohort under the coaching of Passion for Planting, based near D.C.


Phase 2: Davies Church Plant – Go Public Fall 2019

    1. Move to Salmon Creek, WA. Begin initiating community partnerships (Summer 2018).
    2. Multiply by planting a new church by making disciples in the Vancouver area. Church name to be determined.
    3. The Branch fully intends to send a core group of people from their fellowship to help plant the church.
    4. We will host church planting resident. Goal: to plant additional churches (at least 1 prior to year 3).