Dealing With The Bible

Is the Bible truthful, reliable, and trustworthy? That’s a loaded question, but one worth attempting to answer (I will not answer it in this post). Last night, Ruth and I hosted a group of teenagers in our apartment. I had them write questions down they had about the Christian faith. In some form or another,Continue reading “Dealing With The Bible”

Links of the Month (May 2017)

For Your Prayer Life – 7 Ways to Fight Distraction in Prayer by Gavin Ortlund For Discipling – Grace and the Non-Instagrammable Church by Jared C. Wilson For Time Management – The Work Life Balance Myth by Shawn Lovejoy For Personal Health – Unintended Consequences of Sleeping In by Brian Jones For Connecting With Students [Video] –Continue reading “Links of the Month (May 2017)”

Super Bowl 2016 Devo

Below is a devotion I gave at halftime of a youth ministry Super Bowl party. I’ve been learning more and more about the life of Christ. Below are some questions that got me thinking from someone who has taught me about the life of Jesus named Dann Spader: Did Jesus ever get hurt on theContinue reading “Super Bowl 2016 Devo”

Equipping Students…It’s Possible

It has officially been just over a year on the journey of using Explore the Bible Curriculum and the COMA technique of reading the bible. So far, it’s use in the Student Ministry of CenterPointe has been a success. Let me back up a bit to share more of the story…