A Letter from the Pastor: Answering What’s Next?

Friends & Family, Last night the latest recommendations of the CDC were published on my newsfeed, which strongly suggested no public gathering with more than 50 people for the next 8 weeks. Governor of Washington Jay Inslee followed suit and levied a similar ban, and then subsequently instituted the same internal requirements for all barsContinue reading “A Letter from the Pastor: Answering What’s Next?”

Meditation Connections

“We need habits that act as mile-markers in our lives and remind us there’s more to the world than what we see. Spiritual disciplines are a crucial part of this process, and we particularly need disciplines that engage the heart, the imagination, and the body…”

Living In Tension

One of the great hopes in our present world is that people will eventually choose to do good instead of evil. Given enough time, space, education, and opportunity humanity will always make the right choice–or so we hope. The vision is human flourishing. Apart from God, no true human flourishing will happen. Yet, we tryContinue reading “Living In Tension”

Our Grand Object

Even though I would say I grew up in the church, I had little working knowledge of any contemporary and historical Christian thinkers. Christian History is important within the diet of the believer. Our lack of historical reflection in conjunction with a biblical vision has led us to some of the disheartening controversies in the news today.