CP Students Taking It Home (11/16)


Today your student learned about Jesus being the strength he or she need to persevere. Your student was challenged to think about who those people are in their life that serve as their encouragers and give them the strength they need to carry on. Talk to your student about the people in your life who give you encouragement and help you get through the day.

CENTRAL TRUTH: Jesus is the strength we need to persevere.


  • Dwell: The writer uses a great illustration that creates a powerful word picture as we think about laying aside sin that entangles us. Think about something that you have gotten tangled up in when you were walking or running. The picture is not of something that stops us, but what slows us down. As you think about these Scriptures this week, think about those areas of your life where you are allowing “small sins” to slow you down. They are not the giant sins that we seem to avoid, but the small ones that will slow us down and eventually render us ineffective. What will it take to lay those aside?
  • Memorize: Hebrews 12:1-2
  • Pray: Let your prayer today revolve around the strength that Jesus gives us to make it through another day. Think of a time when Jesus gave you strength that you needed at just the right time and thank Him for that. Pray that you can be a source of encouragement to your son or daughter and that they will see you as a part of their great cloud of witnesses.


Tonight your student learned about how true joy comes when we learn how to live in contentment with our purpose, place, and priorities in Christ. You student was challenged to think about their contentment level. For most students they are not content because of circumstance brought about by themselves, parents, friends, and society. True contentment is not in any way related to circumstances true contentment is tuned to the deeper reality of the Gospel and God’s Kingdom.

CRITICAL QUESTION: How can the source of stress be replaced by a deeper understanding of the gospel?

CP Students Taking It Home (11/9)


This week your students learned what it means to live by faith. A part of our definition of faith from Scripture is that faith is the proof of things hoped for. Ask your student if they ever have to wonder if there is going to be food to eat or clothes to wear. It may not be the king’s table, but it is something! The point is that they do not wonder about where their food or clothes will come from because their faith in you. Help them see that their faith is not a belief in something but a trust in someone, who is Jesus.

CENTRAL TRUTH: It is impossible to please God without faith.


  • Dwell: Having faith in Jesus is not limited to salvation. So many times we believe that Jesus is enough for salvation, but we fail to believe that Jesus is enough for our struggle for identity. We tend to struggle and do not believe that Jesus is enough when we have a horrible relationship with our mom or dad. The truth is that faith in Jesus is the answer to all of those issues and more.
  • Memorize: Hebrews 11:6
  • Pray: Today let your prayer focus around trusting in who Jesus says He is. Faith is not about you gaining more but it is about you growing in your understanding of who He is. Ask Jesus to show you more of Him than He ever has before. Ask Him to give you a revelation of His glory that will cause you to become a person of great faith. Not because you are a great person but because He is a great Savior.

CP Students Taking It Home (11/2)


This week your student learned that it is only through the perfect sacrifice of Jesus that we are made right with God. One of the questions they were challenged with was if there was anything they could do to make God love them any more or any less than He does right now. Ask your student the same question in reference to you. Help them begin
to understand the unconditional love that you have for them and how that love only comes from Jesus loving us.

CENTRAL TRUTH: It is only through Jesus perfect sacrifice that I am made right with God.


  • Dwell: Jesus has made our redemption possible through His death and resurrection. To redeem
    a slave means to pay the price necessary to set a him or her free from slavery. When Christ gave Himself for us, He liberated us from spiritual slavery to our transgressions. Transgressing involves crossing a line. We deserve to be punished for crossing the line and sinning against God. Instead of punishing us, God has chosen to forgive us if we put our trust in His Son. The first covenant can’t address our sins in that way, and people still living under it need to be redeemed. Only the new covenant provides a way to be set free from sin’s slavery.
  • Memorize: Hebrews 9:15
  • Pray: Ask Jesus to forgive you for your futile efforts to gain his love and his favor. Thank him for offering the perfect sacrifice for your sins and qualifying you for the eternal inheritance. Thank Him for serving as your heavenly mediator and commit yourself to be an ambassador for the gospel.


This week your student learned that proactive prayer produces joy. Life will be hard, but God is their in the midst of the trials and challenges. When a person is anxious they are filling themselves up with worry, instead fill yourself up with how God is and has been faithful. Paul writing from prison instructs the church at Philippi to rejoice in all circumstances and focus on Christ through going to him actively in prayer.

CRITICAL QUESTION: Which is more prevalent in your life: prayer/thankfulness or worry/anxiety?

CP Students Taking It Home (10/26)


This week your student learned about how Jesus is the fulfillment of the new covenant. One of the points made was that Jesus does not remember our sins. When we are forgiven, Jesus not only forgives us but He promises to never remember our sins. Sometimes students have a hard time forgiving themselves. Share with your student a time where you made a mistake and had a hard time letting it go. Reassure them that even though we have a hard time forgetting our sins, Jesus does not.

CENTRAL TRUTH: Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of the new covenant.


  • Dwell: We are unable to keep God’s law on our own. Only through faith in Christ can we be set free from sin to live a life that demonstrates righteousness.
  • What insights from this passage could you share with a friend who is trying to change his or her life apart from Christ? What might that person point out to you about your own efforts? What do you need to let Jesus change in your life by trusting in Him and not in yourself?
  • Memorize: Hebrews 8:12
  • Pray: Today’s prayer needs to focus around thanksgiving. Thank God for promising a new covenant that would change your life. Thank God that He desired to write His law on your heart. Thank God that He promised to remember your sins no more. Thank God that all of this was made possible through our great High Priest, Jesus Christ.


This week your student learned to define their purpose. When we have a defined purpose we can focus on the prize that awaits us as a Christian. For Paul, his purpose was to become like Christ in every way, even in his death, suffering, and resurrection when Christ returned. In order to accomplish this purpose, he committed himself to discipleship, focusing on where his citizenship was, and awaiting Christ’s return. As many good things as Paul had done to further God’s kingdom and spread the gospel, Paul has not yet arrived at his final destination. Because we have not arrived, Paul exhorts us to stand firm in our faith.

CRITICAL QUESTION: What circumstances (or events) in your past, that you are presently encountering, or plans for your future cause you to think you’ve “made it” or “arrived” as a Christian?

CP Students Taking It Home (10/19)

Sunday Morning

This week your students learned about Jesus as our great Interceder. Jesus took our place on the cross and stands as the Interceder between us and the Father. Share with your student someone who has stood in the gap for you. Someone who stood up or spoke up for you that made a difference in your life. This will help them begin to understand Jesus as their Interceder.

CENTRAL TRUTH: Jesus is our Holy undefiled Savior who lives to intercede for us.


  • Dwell: Only Jesus can provide salvation. Our salvation depends on Him and Him alone. Since salvation is based on Jesus and His character, we can live faithfully and share the gospel with confidence. If you have committed your life to Christ, who do you need to tell about Jesus? How can you use what you’ve learned to help them understand that only Jesus saves?
  • Memorize: Hebrews 7:25
  • Pray: Ask Jesus to help you understand the price that was paid for your sin. Ask Him to give you understanding about His role of interceder in your life. Thank Him for stepping in and paying the price for your student’s sin. Thank Him that he stands in the gap that we cannot as parents.

Sunday Night

Tonight your students learned about how knowing Christ is greater than everything, yes, everything. That means he is greater than our fears and failures, but he is also worth more than all the accomplishments of this world: sports, scholastic, career, popularity, religious activity, etc. Paul writes that he counted everything as loss for the sake of knowing Christ as Lord (Philippians 3:7-9).

CRITICAL QUESTION: What religious activity do you count on as more important than the surpassing worth of knowing Christ?