The Discipline of Evangelism

I was twenty-three years old before I heard of anyone actually setting aside time in their week to go evangelize. I knew Latter Day Saints and Jehovah’s Witnesses went purposefully, but I had never heard of a faithful Christian plan to go evangelize.

Gaining Clarity

Our purpose for existence, directly and indirectly, affects our plan of action. A slight shift in purpose can greatly alter our actions and purpose. In order to rightly define evangelism and discipleship, our purpose and mission must first be defined.

4 Reoccurring Revelations After Stepping Out of Vocational Ministry

Over the past several weeks as Ruth and I have talked at length about future plans and opportunities, we have had several revelations. These revelations have come about through our regular gameplan talks getting ready for the week’s events (Yes, we do call our talks “gameplans”). Usually we will be discussing a plan we are trying to explore or aContinue reading “4 Reoccurring Revelations After Stepping Out of Vocational Ministry”

Our Next Step

Friends and Family, Thank you for your prayers and support during this time of transition in our life! Words cannot describe how encouraging you have been to our family. We have some exciting news to share with you! After much time, patience, prayer, and seeking God’s direction and wise counsel, we have taken a nextContinue reading “Our Next Step”

3 Lessons I’m Relearning

As Ruth and I have continued to prayerfully seek God’s direction, we have had many “what if?” scenarios. It gets exhausting to continually project options and scenarios even in the most positive sense. Even for my analytical brain, comparing and contrasting pros and cons, weighing options and responses causes mental fatigue  If you would likeContinue reading “3 Lessons I’m Relearning”