Links of the Month (October 2016)

One Thing – What the local church needs to get right in the 21st century. (Video) For Your Soul – How to Pray a Psalm For Cultural Engagement – It’s Never Too Soon To Talk About Race In Your Church For Your Ministry – Five Tips that Will Make You a Better Communicator For Some Ideas –Continue reading “Links of the Month (October 2016)”

Links of the Month (August 2016)

Stop Trying to Make the Bible Relevant – For Thought 7 Things Bad Leaders Say – For Accountability 5 Characteristics of a Healthy Team Culture – For Leading Well The Conversation that Saved My Ministry – by Paul Tripp – For Your Soul Preaching in a Digital Age – One Day Roundtable – For Development Flashback: StuMin Sidekick –Continue reading “Links of the Month (August 2016)”

4 Reoccurring Revelations After Stepping Out of Vocational Ministry

Over the past several weeks as Ruth and I have talked at length about future plans and opportunities, we have had several revelations. These revelations have come about through our regular gameplan talks getting ready for the week’s events (Yes, we do call our talks “gameplans”). Usually we will be discussing a plan we are trying to explore or aContinue reading “4 Reoccurring Revelations After Stepping Out of Vocational Ministry”

That’s All Folks!

Five weeks, just like that, gone. I can’t believe how fast the time has gone by. Exactly 6 weeks ago, the Senior Minister, Brian Bolton, took a 2 week vacation with a 3 week sabbatical and left our team of elders, staff, and ministry leaders. It has now been one week since his return (LordContinue reading “That’s All Folks!”

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

One of the best relationships within the church that keeps it heading in the same direction and healthy is the staff/elder relationship, specifically that of the youth minister and the elders. I have been very blessed because I have a great relationship with many of my elders. Elders are responsible for oversight and prayer inContinue reading “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work”