Give Over Get – A Shift

Generations Church is a community of everyday people committed to expanding God’s family together because of Jesus for generations to come. We have five values that help us accomplish our vision. Spirit over Self Give over Get Story over Sin Progress over Perfection Send over Stay Our values are structured as a choice.  Too oftenContinue reading “Give Over Get – A Shift”

How to Stay in the Conversation (Step 1)

If you do a quick Google search on the definition of the word “saturate” chances are the first definition that pops up is: In order to understand why “saturate” is such a critical word, you have to understand the context in which it is coming from. I posted a recent blog on the idea ofContinue reading “How to Stay in the Conversation (Step 1)”

Staying In The Conversation

Over the past several weeks, various questions posed to me have been sifting through my head. There is one, in particular, I would like to address: How do you stand firm in a Kingdom worldview while remaining humble and teachable in posture? In light of the recent national anthem protests, I think the idea ofContinue reading “Staying In The Conversation”

Reframe (Part 2)

Instagram made a shift in the look of their app. Not only did they change the app look, but they also changed the color scheme surrounding pictures to give more focus to the picture itself. Essentially, they reframed all of a person’s pictures. Instead of a competing color scheme for a person’s attention, they mutedContinue reading “Reframe (Part 2)”