Embodied – Colossians 3:20-21

“Parenting is tough. I don’t say that because I’m an expert, but because I was a duplicitous and manipulative kid who gave my parents all kinds of trouble.” Working through Colossians, Paul addresses kids and parents in light of Jesus’ resurrection and life in the church community.

Give Over Get – In Serving

The following post is a guest post/sermon from Jon Grabhorn, Engagement Pastor at Generations Church. These past few weeks we have been in this teaching series of “Give Over Get.” And during this time we have been challenged to reflect Jesus’ characteristics and priorities, and then last week were challenged in living our generosity throughContinue reading “Give Over Get – In Serving”

Wait…There’s More

Generations Church is a community of everyday people committed to expanding God’s family because of Jesus for generations to come. We (our teaching team) has been teaching through Colossians 1 as Generations Church began weekly services. Let me give you the “previously on…” We live in a world with faulty maps. These maps don’t justContinue reading “Wait…There’s More”