3 Positives from Evangelism and Discipleship

This week I wrap up another eight-week class at Midwestern Seminary. “Evangelism and Discipleship” has been a great class overall. Honestly, it has been one of the best practical ministry classes I have taken in all my years of school. While I had various takeaways from other courses, “Evangelism and Discipleship” had a unique blend ofContinue reading “3 Positives from Evangelism and Discipleship”

Disciple-Making In 2 Timothy

The apostle Paul was a master disciple-maker. Paul excelled in evangelizing and discipleship. Evangelism and discipleship are the two wings of the disciple-making airplane. Unfortunately, in the anti-supernatural movement of 1850, a man by the name of Charles Adam separated “making disciples” into two parts: evangelism and discipleship. The holistic command in Matthew 28:19-20 was splitContinue reading “Disciple-Making In 2 Timothy”

Links of the Month (May 2017)

For Your Prayer Life – 7 Ways to Fight Distraction in Prayer by Gavin Ortlund For Discipling – Grace and the Non-Instagrammable Church by Jared C. Wilson For Time Management – The Work Life Balance Myth by Shawn Lovejoy For Personal Health – Unintended Consequences of Sleeping In by Brian Jones For Connecting With Students [Video] –Continue reading “Links of the Month (May 2017)”