Disciple-Making In 2 Timothy

The apostle Paul was a master disciple-maker. Paul excelled in evangelizing and discipleship. Evangelism and discipleship are the two wings of the disciple-making airplane. Unfortunately, in the anti-supernatural movement of 1850, a man by the name of Charles Adam separated “making disciples” into two parts: evangelism and discipleship. The holistic command in Matthew 28:19-20 was splitContinue reading “Disciple-Making In 2 Timothy”

Links of the Month (March 2017)

For Evangelism – Tim Keller Speaks at Google on The Gospel Coalition   For Understanding LGBT Issues – Mark Yarhouse’s Blog   For Leading Your Staff – 4x4x4 Coaching Process by Brian Jones   For the Next Generation – Time to Start Thinking about Gen Z? by Kindred Youth Ministry   For Your Library – Outreach’s Resources of theContinue reading “Links of the Month (March 2017)”

Reframe (Part 2)

Instagram made a shift in the look of their app. Not only did they change the app look, but they also changed the color scheme surrounding pictures to give more focus to the picture itself. Essentially, they reframed all of a person’s pictures. Instead of a competing color scheme for a person’s attention, they mutedContinue reading “Reframe (Part 2)”