Lasting Legacy


Bill with Xavier
Bill with Xavier & Sam

Today, it is tough to find the right words. My thoughts are scattered and emotions are conflicted. So, I will simply say this…I am thankful for Bill’s influence on my life. Below is a picture of an email he sent as we began 2014. ¬†For a little context, we (those listed in the email) had committed to memorizing a verse a week for the full year during our time together at Christmas. I think the email captures his life well. He loved Christmas. He loved his family. He loved helping others grow their walks with God. He loved God. His love for God and faithfulness to God shone through in every area of his life.


Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 7.07.34 AM

Even after his passing, we continued to memorize, knowing our efforts would bring honor both to God and to Bill. I look forward to heaven and getting a chance to speak with him again.

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One thought on “Lasting Legacy

  1. Thank you for sharing this I am going start this .have been praying a lot today for all of you and us here at KCU that still feel the loss


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