Links of the Month (December 2016)

For The Season – Stop Underestimating Christmas – Tim Keller – “The ‘all-accepting god of love’ many moderns believe in would never have bothered with the incarnation. Such a god would have found it completely unnecessary.”

For The Mission – 6 Times When It’s a Good Idea to Change the Mission Statement – Auxano

For Your Preaching – 7 Ted Talks that Will Make You a Better Preacher – ChurchLeaders

For Your Toolbox – 20 Apps, Sites, and Services Pastors Need to Know – ChurchFuel [PDF]

For Youth Ministry – How To Think Theologically About Youth Ministry – Kindred Youth Ministry [PDF]

For Engaging The Culture – Millenials in the Workplace – Simon Sinek [Video] – Note: The video has no spiritual content per se, but it does have many spiritual implications. Regardless, it’s worth the watch.

For Dealing With Sin – Growing Up in A Porn Saturated World

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