CP Parents Taking Home the Word (9/27)


This week we continued our series called, “Lies We Believe.” This series is based out of a resource that has impacted my walk with God called The Gospel Primer by Caesar Kalinowski. Throughout this series we will be working from the perspective that every sin in our lives comes from disbelief in the character of God (Romans 14:23). When we cease to believe God is who He says He is we rebel in our depravity. We exchange the truth of God for a lie (Romans 1:25).

When we cease to believe that God is gracious…we think we have to prove ourselves (to ourself, to others, to God). Hence, why we check Instagram or Facebook to see how many likes we are up to. Ultimately, we try to impress God with our lives so that he will bless us or be happy with us. We think the same way with other people. We even seek positions or postures of power over others in potentially destructive ways. However, when we realize that God is gracious…we don’t have to strive, we can simply respond in gratitude.

We challenged your students not seek postures of influence or power over others, rather surrender their life over to a God who loves us for exactly who He created us to be. He extended us grace, while we were still living wrongly. We must live lives of gratitude and grace where we don’t pressure ourselves to earn respect or fear humiliation. Because, once again, if we truly believe that God is gracious, that He is more important and His grace-filled relationship to us carries the utmost importance in our life, then we can rest and repent of stressing out over people, circumstances or your future. We must walk by faith that God is the most gracious not what we can see with our own eyes.

Parents, does your child fear humiliation or a lack of respect? Or, do they constantly argue for control over situations?  Do you sense that your child seek approval from others to be accepted, or fears rejection from friends? Do they struggle with jealousy and envy? I’d encourage you this week to lift God up as gracious. As a parent you don’t have to prove yourself, stop trying to prove yourself and your value through the success of your students. Make a conscious effort to encourage your student to follow God in such a way that Jesus’ name is made famous, more than your family name & more than their name. If you struggle with validating your parenting through the success of your children, check out Trophy Child.

Grace is the free and unmerited favor of God in response to our sin by sending Jesus Christ to pay the penalty of our sin. We didn’t earn our salvation, God gracious extends it to us. Let’s let grace characterize our relationships, attitudes, and posture.

The good news is that we can live a free life because a gracious God exists. We can let our redeemed and rescued lives reflect that God’s story is bigger than our own.

KEY TEXTS: Matthew 6:25-34

CRITICAL QUESTIONS: What does it look like to believe God is gracious? Do the conversations about whats important reflect God’s glory or proving oneself?

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