CP Parents Taking Home the Word (8/16)


Last week, we talked about our vision to be a sending student ministry and how when we sent God is with us. This week we launched into the first week of a three week series, “YOU ARE HERE” –the you being God. The basis for this series is a look at Daniel in the Old Testament. Daniel was a young teenage boy who was snatched from the comforts of Jerusalem to the pagan culture of Babylon. The Babylonians wanted to turn good Jewish young men into Babylonians. Yet when he was thrust into this culture that was much different from the Jewish culture and lifestyle of living for God, Daniel was still able to live a pure life. He was able to live a holy life because Daniel knew whose he was and he knew that God was with him. We challenged our student to ask “How do we get to a point when we are thrust into an environment that we can live for God?” Your students went back to school and they entered into an environment that may not be hostile to Christianity, but wants to influence them to become something other than what God wants for them. The pressures mount and the anxiety rises as achievement and perception fight for priorities in your students’ lives. Ultimately, students will have to resolve themselves to not be defiled by worldly and cultural pressures and instead live for God.

Daniel was able to answer the question mentioned earlier by knowing God and what God is like. Through studying the Word from a very young age and communicating with God through prayer, Daniel was able to not defile himself. In order to live a Christ-centered life we too must know who God is and how He acts, so that we know whose we are. Because of this we can then live in response to our identity in the Father. We challenged the students to take a step at knowing God better this week. Daniel was able to not defile himself because He knew God.

KEY TEXT: Daniel 1:8

CRITICAL QUESTIONS: How do we resolve to not defile ourselves in a sin soaked world as we live for God? How do we know God? What’s your next step this week to know God better?

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