CP Students’ Next Step (3/22)


This week we discussed how judgment is coming against evil, but there is a sacrifice for those who call on His name.

KEY TEXT: Zephaniah 1:1-7

CENTRAL TRUTH: Judgment is coming against evil, but there is a sacrifice for those who call on His name.


  • Dwell: Evil is prevalent in the world  today. It is not challenging to look around and find something that is in direct rebellion against God. Despite the trials we face in this life, we can still have hope because there is a day coming when God will rectify all that is wrong. Evil will be dealt with and God will reign supreme. While we wait, it is our job to shine the light of Christ to those who need Him.
  • Memorize: Zephaniah 2:3
  • Pray: Ask Jesus to give you strength and endurance to press on even in the midst of difficulties you may face. Thank Him for the day to come when He will make everything right. Until that day comes, pray for Him to help you to be a witness who points others to Jesus and to the sacrifice that was provided for their sins.


For further study on the Day of the Lord, read the following verses:

  • Isaiah 13:6,9
  • Joel 1:15; 2:1,11; 3:4; 4:14
  • Amos 5:18,20
  • Obadiah 15
  • Zephaniah 1:7,14
  • Malachi 3:23


Luke tells us that Jesus came to die for our sin, but also to form a people of God who, renewed by his Spirit, are able to serve him in righteousness and holiness all of their days. This good news is open to all and God wants the news of Jesus shared with all. As followers of Jesus, as Christians, we are to partner with God is carrying this good news of forgiveness and hope because of Jesus to those in our lives where God has placed us and is calling us.

KEY TEXT: Luke 6:20-26

CRITICAL QUESTION: What do you learn about Jesus from this passage? How does what we learn about Jesus cause us to respond to Him?

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