CP Parents Taking Home the Word (3/8)


In this session, your student learned that God’s people must stand against injustice. Your student was challenged in class to think about times when they may have been the victim of injustice, as well as when they may have treated others with injustice. This can include bullying and verbal abuse. Allow your student to share any time they may have caused or personally felt injustice. It may be the first time you have heard about the situation, so be patient with them. Then pray with them and reassure them that you will be there to support and defend them when they are treated unjustly.

CENTRAL TRUTH: God’s people stand against injustice.


  • Dwell: Injustice in our society can take on a lot of different forms. There are not many people today who are willing to stand against injustice. You have the opportunity to become one of those people. From getting involved in working against hunger to standing up for someone in your workplace that cannot stand for themselves, you can make a difference. Become someone who stands against injustice.
  • Memorize: Psalm 100:3
  • Pray: Let your prayer today focus on the injustice that is in the world. There are thousands of people across the countries that are being persecuted for their faith. Pray for those people that God would give them strength to stand against their oppressors. There are also people in your workplace that cannot stand for themselves. Ask God to give you boldness to stand for those who cannot.


Luke tells us that Jesus came to die for our sin, but also to form a people of God who, renewed by his Spirit, are able to serve him in righteousness and holiness all of their days. This good news is open to all and God wants the news of Jesus shared with all. As followers of Jesus, as Christians, we are to partner with God is carrying this good news of forgiveness and hope because of Jesus to those in our lives where God has placed us and is calling us.

KEY TEXT: Luke 6:1-11

CRITICAL QUESTION: What do you learn about Jesus from this passage? How does what we learn about Jesus cause us to respond to Him?

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