CP Students’ Next Step (2/22)


This week we discussed how regardless of our circumstances, God is faithful. How can you rely on God’s faithfulness in your life?

KEY TEXT: Nehemiah 9:32-37

CENTRAL TRUTH: Regardless of our circumstances, God is faithful.


  • Dwell: One of the easiest things to do when you find yourself in a difficult situation is to blame somebody else. The role of the victim is the easiest role to choose and the most detrimental to our development. Make a choice today that you are going to take responsibility for where you are regardless of your situation, realize that God is faithful and hasn’t left you and that He has a glorious plan for your deliverance.
  • Memorize: Nehemiah 9:33
  • Pray: Ask the Lord to help you take responsibility for your own actions and to realize that He has not left you nor forsaken you. Acknowledge that He is Lord of your life and you desire to follow His plan. Pray for strength to trust God’s faithfulness even when the path is unclear and the circumstances are difficult.


Covenant: Throughout history, God initiated covenant relationships. Covenants between people or nations involved mutual negotiation.

  • In the Old Testament era, God established formal covenants with Noah (Gen. 6:18), Abraham (Gen. 17:2), David (2 Chron. 7:18), and others.
  • God’s covenants were conditional. People could lose a covenant’s blessings through disobedience (2 Chron. 7:19-21). By repenting and returning to the Lord, they could experience forgiveness.
  • God’s greatest covenant was made through Christ (Heb. 12:24).


Luke tells us that Jesus came to die for our sin, but also to form a people of God who, renewed by his Spirit, are able to serve him in righteousness and holiness all of their days. This good news is open to all and God wants the news of Jesus shared with all. As followers of Jesus, as Christians, we are to partner with God is carrying this good news of forgiveness and hope because of Jesus to those in our lives where God has placed us and is calling us.

KEY TEXT: Luke 5:27-32

CRITICAL QUESTION: What do you learn about Jesus from this passage? How does what we learn about Jesus cause us to respond to Him?

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