CP Parents Taking Home the Word (2/15)


This week your student learned that God’s Word should hold a high priority in their life. Ask your student what they are most comfortable with holding in their hands. They may answer a video game controller or their cell phone, but give them the freedom to be honest in your conversation. Then ask them how comfortable they are with the Bible in their hands. God’s Word should feel comfortable in our hands because we are to be familiar with it. We are to communicate with God by spending time reading His Word.

CENTRAL TRUTH: God’s Word should hold a high priority in my life.


  • Dwell: Once the wall was finished and the people had moved back to their homes they began to desire more. They wanted to hear from the Word of God. While people all around the world are dying to get their hands on a Bible, we have several copies in our homes, many of which are gathering dust. Challenge yourself today to grow in your desire for the Word of God. Understand its value and make sure that it is a part of your daily life. It is our privilege to have access to such a precious document.
  • Memorize: Nehemiah 8:5
  • Pray: Let your prayer today focus on your desire for the Word of God. You may need to begin your prayer with repentance, asking God to forgive you for neglecting His Word and time with Him. After you have repented, ask God to give you the same desire for the Word that the Israelites had. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you the knowledge to understand it and the wisdom to know how to apply it to your life.


Luke tells us that Jesus came to die for our sin, but also to form a people of God who, renewed by his Spirit, are able to serve him in righteousness and holiness all of their days. This good news is open to all and God wants the news of Jesus shared with all. As followers of Jesus, as Christians, we are to partner with God is carrying this good news of forgiveness and hope because of Jesus to those in our lives where God has placed us and is calling us.

KEY TEXT: Luke 5:17-26

CRITICAL QUESTION: What do you learn about Jesus from this passage? How does what we learn about Jesus cause us to respond to Him?

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