CP Parents Taking Home the Word (2/1)


This week your student learned that they will face opposition when the are pursuing God’s call for their life. Ask your student if they have ever faced opposition or persecution because of their faith. They may not understand the concept of persecution at this point in their life, but they may have been excluded or made fun of because of choices they have mad based on their faith. Encourage them to stay strong and to realize that Jesus is standing for them.

CENTRAL TRUTH: You will face opposition when you pursue God’s call for your life.


  • Dwell: Like Nehemiah, we can anticipate that any time we step up to serve the Lord, we may face potential distraction and possible discouragement. Sometimes distraction and discouragement may come from our enemies. Other times, they come through temptation to settle for less than God’s best. Whatever the source, we need to look to God to strengthen us. Focusing on God and the strength He provides will enable us to hang in there and finish our task well.
  • Memorize: Nehemiah 6:3
  • Pray: God’s Word says that as believers, we should not be surprised when we face opposition because of our commitment to God. Ask God to equip you with the strength you need to make it through opposition, and to help you live your life in such a way that others would see Jesus when they look at you. Pray that when opposition comes, you will remain focused on Him.

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