CP Parents Taking Home the Word (1/18)


Today your students learned that God will use them to accomplish great things for His glory. Share with your student a time where you felt that God used you for His glory. If you do not have a personal example, then tell them about someone you know that God used for His glory. Maybe you have had the chance to share Christ with someone recently. Share that experience with your student and help them see that God desires to use them.

KEY TEXT: Nehemiah 2:1-8,17-18

CENTRAL TRUTH: God will use us to accomplish great things for His glory.


  • Dwell: Believers should be broken-hearted when God is dishonored. It’s often this response that moves people to initiate change. But where do we start? We can be confident that when we ask God for direction, He will answer. Preparation is required for fulfilling God’s plans. As God places opportunities that God may be bringing to your attention. He will bring them to your heart before H brings them to your hands.
  • Memorize: Nehemiah 2:4
  • Pray: Ask the Lord to give you His eyes, His heart, and His hands. Pray for His eyes so that you can see the hurt and the corruption that God sees. Also ask for His heart so that you can share compassion over the things that concern Him. Finally, pray for His hands so that you will not stand idly by, but will do something to meet the needs of those around you.


Luke tells us that Jesus came to die for our sin, but also to form a people of God who, renewed by his Spirit, are able to serve him in righteousness and holiness all of their days. This good news is open to all and God wants the news of Jesus shared with all. As followers of Jesus, as Christians, we are to partner with God is carrying this good news of forgiveness and hope because of Jesus to those in our lives where God has placed us and is calling us.

KEY TEXT: Luke 4:38-44

CRITICAL QUESTION: What do you learn about Jesus from this passage?

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