CP Parents Taking Home the Word (1/11)


This week your student learned that their love for Jesus Christ will determine their love for His Word. Spend some time this week sharing with your student about how spending time in God’s Word has affected your life. If you do not find yourself spending time in God’s Word, let this be a reminder for you to begin a regular time of Bible study. You may need to be transparent with your student and share that you are beginning a daily Bible reading plan and would like them to join you. Encourage your student to use the Explore the Bible reading plan as well.

CENTRAL TRUTH: Our love for Christ will determine our love for His Word.


  • Dwell: Ezra had a great desire to see spiritual revival come to Jerusalem. He was a man who loved God and loved His law. He committed his life to the study of God’s law and obeyed it as he taught it. Ezra is a great example for us as we live in a world that desperately needs revival. Are you willing to allow God to use you to see a revival come to your church, your school, or maybe even your town? Make sure that God’s word has priority in your life and that you are striving through God’s grace to obey His statues.
  • Memorize: Ezra 7:10
  • Pray: Let your prayer today focus on your commitment to the word of God. Ask Jesus to give you a strong desire to read His Word, to obey His Word and to teach others His Word. Pray that you would not read and obey His statutes out of obligation, but that you would allow the Holy Spirit to change your life as you are exposed to the truth of God’s Word.

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