CP Students’ Next Step (1/4)


This week we discussed that as the Jews were returning back to Jerusalem, one of the first things that they re-established were the worship practices that were prescribed in Scripture. Worship is our offering of praise that we give to the Lord.

KEY TEXT: Ezra 3:1-7,10-11; 6:21-22

CENTRAL TRUTH: Worship must be an established practice in the Christian life.


  • Dwell: Worship tends to be classified as something we do on Sunday mornings instead of a biblical view of how we live. True worship is not confined to a building, but is believers presenting their lives to Christ daily in response to His glory. Worship that pleases God is fueled by His grace and focused on His Son.
  • Memorize: Ezra 3:11a
  • Pray: Focus your on the faithfulness and goodness of God. Maybe He has brought you through a difficult time in your life or provided an opportunity for you to move forward. Whatever the situation, allow a heart of gratitude to motivate your worship. Praise Him because He is good and His mercy endures forever.


Passover was associated with Festival of Unleavened Bread, (Ezra 6:22), and refers to a fear-filled night in Egypt before before God’s people were delivered from slavery. Pharaoh refused to release the Hebrews, even after several plagues. A final doom was pronounced–the firstborn male of every house in Egypt was to die. The Lord passed over the houses of those who put lamb’s blood over their door posts (Ex. 12:12-13). Passover symbolized God’s mercy. Centuries later, the perfect Lamb of God would be sacrificed, providing justification of our sins through His blood.

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