CP Students’ Next Step (12/21)


This week we discussed about how Jesus became our Deliverer. Consider your relationship with the Deliverer. Jesus wants a relationship with you.

KEY TEXT: Luke 2:8-20

CENTRAL TRUTH: God provided our Deliverer through Jesus Christ.


  • Dwell: Regardless of how many times you have heard the story of Jesus’ birth, let this message resonate with you like it is the first time. God sent His only Son to this world to die for our sin, breaking the bondage sin traps us in. That news–the good news of the gospel–should motivate us to live different, love others as Christ as loved us, and share the great joy of the gospel with someone who does not know Christ as his or her Deliverer.
  • Memorize: Luke 2:11
  • Pray: Jesus, thank You that You decided to leave your throne in heaven to come to earth so that I could have a relationship with God. Thank you for delivering me from my sin. Because of your birth, I can have new life. Help me to understand not only the power that new birth holds in my life, but also the necessity of sharing that story with others.


Believers are still responsible for telling others about the Messiah, focusing on the truth of the gospel. Here are some ideas to help you share your story:

  • What part of the gospel message amazes you? How will that part of the message affect your celebration of Jesus’ birth this year? What will you do to communicate that to your family and friends?
  • To what can you point to help others understand that Jesus offers them salvation? To whom do you need to communicate the truth of the gospel?
  • Reflect on your response to the gospel message. Consider how your initial response is different from your response today. What steps will you take to continue to grow in your understanding of the gospel?
  • What role can your group play in telling others about Jesus? Outline a plan for fulfilling this role.

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