CP Parents Taking Home the Word (12/14)


In today’s session your student learned that God has a divine purpose for their life. They were challenged in their application time to examine their own life and see how God may be shaping them for a divine purpose. Ask your student what they are interested in pursuing as part of purpose they have been revealed. Then ask them how that could be used for God’s glory.

CENTRAL TRUTH: God has a divine purpose for your life.


  • Dwell: Ester became queen because God had a plan to use her to deliver the Jewish nation. Her life was not her own. As a Christian, your life is not your own. You have been bought with a price and your life belongs to Jesus. As you continue to grow, learn to trust God’s sovereignty, be obedient to His call, and give every part of your life to Him to use according to His purposes.
  • Memorize: Ester 4:14b
  • Pray: Ask God to help you realize that He has called you for a greater purpose. Stress that your life is not your own and thank Jesus for paying for your sin with Him very life. Ask God to empower you by His Spirit to be bold and obedient to Him, even when risks are involved. Pray that as you develop gifts, talents, and abilities, you will realize that they are for His glory, not your own.

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