CP Parents Taking Home the Word (12/7)


In today’s session your student learned that pride and anger, when left unchecked, can destroy them and others around them. This will give you a great opportunity to discuss an issue with your student that they have most likely struggled with. Share about a time when you had to deal with the issue of anger or a time when you have seen anger destroy those in its path.

CENTRAL TRUTH: Pride and anger, when left unchecked, can destroy ourselves and others.


  • Dwell: When pride is left unchecked, it opens the door for greater sin. Haman’s pride and bitterness led to a plan to annihilate the Jews. If you ignore it, your pride can also become a destructive force in your life. Mull that over this week. Establish practices and seek out trusted Christians who can help you in these areas. If you don’t think you need these safegaurds, then pride has already struck!
  • Memorize: Ester 3:2b
  • Pray: Ask God to reveal any areas of pride and arrogance in your life and seek His forgiveness. Pray that God would help you to better understand and recognize the glory of His greatness, so that you would see everything–including yourself and how you treat others–in light of it. Honor God as the ruler and king of your life.

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