CP Students Taking It Home (11/23)


Today’s session focused on the place that we, as believers, get to spend eternity— heaven. Spend some time talking with your student about what they learned about heaven. As a parent, make sure that your student knows they are going to be in heaven one day. Take some time asking your son or daughter if they think they will be in heaven when they die. This may be a tough question to ask, but it is one of the most important questions you can ask them. Remember the reason we will be in heaven is because of our trust in Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior.

CENTRAL TRUTH: Heaven is waiting for those who trust in Jesus as mediator of the new covenant.


  • Dwell: The new covenant creates a new kind of community. It’s a community that isn’t marked
    by dread or fear of God. Instead, we live in joyful fellowship with Him and each other. Also, we celebrate together what Christ has done to set us free from sin and share t he good news about Him everywhere we go. In the fellowship framed by the new covenant, we live in the shadow of Mount Zion. Believers can joyfully approach the Father, putting aside fear.
  • Memorize: Hebrews 12:28
  • Pray: Lord thank you that you have provided a place for me to reside with you forever. Thank you that I will be able to enjoy the glory of heaven because of your sacrifice for my sin. Thank you that we do not have to approach your holy mountain with fear and trembling but we have the privilege of coming directly to you because of your grace.


Your students learned about missional minded prayer. The holidays are coming and family gatherings are inevitable. Using this time to pray for a purpose so that you are prepared to leverage this family time for the kingdom. Families are messy and sometimes family gatherings for students get weird, uncomfortable, annoying, boring, but God wants this time to be used for him.

CRITICAL QUESTION: How can prayer focus our purpose for this holiday season?

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