CP Students Taking It Home (11/9)


This week your students learned what it means to live by faith. A part of our definition of faith from Scripture is that faith is the proof of things hoped for. Ask your student if they ever have to wonder if there is going to be food to eat or clothes to wear. It may not be the king’s table, but it is something! The point is that they do not wonder about where their food or clothes will come from because their faith in you. Help them see that their faith is not a belief in something but a trust in someone, who is Jesus.

CENTRAL TRUTH: It is impossible to please God without faith.


  • Dwell: Having faith in Jesus is not limited to salvation. So many times we believe that Jesus is enough for salvation, but we fail to believe that Jesus is enough for our struggle for identity. We tend to struggle and do not believe that Jesus is enough when we have a horrible relationship with our mom or dad. The truth is that faith in Jesus is the answer to all of those issues and more.
  • Memorize: Hebrews 11:6
  • Pray: Today let your prayer focus around trusting in who Jesus says He is. Faith is not about you gaining more but it is about you growing in your understanding of who He is. Ask Jesus to show you more of Him than He ever has before. Ask Him to give you a revelation of His glory that will cause you to become a person of great faith. Not because you are a great person but because He is a great Savior.

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