CP Students Taking It Home (11/2)


This week your student learned that it is only through the perfect sacrifice of Jesus that we are made right with God. One of the questions they were challenged with was if there was anything they could do to make God love them any more or any less than He does right now. Ask your student the same question in reference to you. Help them begin
to understand the unconditional love that you have for them and how that love only comes from Jesus loving us.

CENTRAL TRUTH: It is only through Jesus perfect sacrifice that I am made right with God.


  • Dwell: Jesus has made our redemption possible through His death and resurrection. To redeem
    a slave means to pay the price necessary to set a him or her free from slavery. When Christ gave Himself for us, He liberated us from spiritual slavery to our transgressions. Transgressing involves crossing a line. We deserve to be punished for crossing the line and sinning against God. Instead of punishing us, God has chosen to forgive us if we put our trust in His Son. The first covenant can’t address our sins in that way, and people still living under it need to be redeemed. Only the new covenant provides a way to be set free from sin’s slavery.
  • Memorize: Hebrews 9:15
  • Pray: Ask Jesus to forgive you for your futile efforts to gain his love and his favor. Thank him for offering the perfect sacrifice for your sins and qualifying you for the eternal inheritance. Thank Him for serving as your heavenly mediator and commit yourself to be an ambassador for the gospel.


This week your student learned that proactive prayer produces joy. Life will be hard, but God is their in the midst of the trials and challenges. When a person is anxious they are filling themselves up with worry, instead fill yourself up with how God is and has been faithful. Paul writing from prison instructs the church at Philippi to rejoice in all circumstances and focus on Christ through going to him actively in prayer.

CRITICAL QUESTION: Which is more prevalent in your life: prayer/thankfulness or worry/anxiety?

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