CP Students Taking It Home (10/26)


This week your student learned about how Jesus is the fulfillment of the new covenant. One of the points made was that Jesus does not remember our sins. When we are forgiven, Jesus not only forgives us but He promises to never remember our sins. Sometimes students have a hard time forgiving themselves. Share with your student a time where you made a mistake and had a hard time letting it go. Reassure them that even though we have a hard time forgetting our sins, Jesus does not.

CENTRAL TRUTH: Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of the new covenant.


  • Dwell: We are unable to keep God’s law on our own. Only through faith in Christ can we be set free from sin to live a life that demonstrates righteousness.
  • What insights from this passage could you share with a friend who is trying to change his or her life apart from Christ? What might that person point out to you about your own efforts? What do you need to let Jesus change in your life by trusting in Him and not in yourself?
  • Memorize: Hebrews 8:12
  • Pray: Today’s prayer needs to focus around thanksgiving. Thank God for promising a new covenant that would change your life. Thank God that He desired to write His law on your heart. Thank God that He promised to remember your sins no more. Thank God that all of this was made possible through our great High Priest, Jesus Christ.


This week your student learned to define their purpose. When we have a defined purpose we can focus on the prize that awaits us as a Christian. For Paul, his purpose was to become like Christ in every way, even in his death, suffering, and resurrection when Christ returned. In order to accomplish this purpose, he committed himself to discipleship, focusing on where his citizenship was, and awaiting Christ’s return. As many good things as Paul had done to further God’s kingdom and spread the gospel, Paul has not yet arrived at his final destination. Because we have not arrived, Paul exhorts us to stand firm in our faith.

CRITICAL QUESTION: What circumstances (or events) in your past, that you are presently encountering, or plans for your future cause you to think you’ve “made it” or “arrived” as a Christian?

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