CP Students Taking It Home (10/5)

Sunday Morning

Today your students learned about the dangers of rejecting Christ and failing to move forward in their pursuit of spiritual maturity. This week have a conversation with your student around the topic of spiritual maturity. Ask them what they feel like they are doing to grow in their walk with Christ. They may ask you the same question, so be prepared to answer. This should lead into a great conversation around their pursuit of Christ.

CENTRAL TRUTH: Rejecting Christ leads to hopelessness.


  • Dwell: As Christians, we must be diligent to demonstrate our salvation, moving toward maturity. Maturing believers must be willing to warn others of the dangers of immaturity and disobedience. We should help others understand that Christianity is a lifelong faith commitment that requires growth and spiritual maturity. Make sure that you are on the right path to spiritual maturity.
  • Memorize: Hebrews 6:10
  • Pray: Pray that Christ would give your student the strength to move forward in maturity. Ask Jesus to give you the boldness to be a great example of Christ’s love. Pray that you could be an example to your student in the area of spiritual growth.

Sunday Night

Tonight your students looked at Timothy, a young man, who was sent by Paul to the church at Philippi. Sometimes we think it is too hard to be an example to others. Timothy shows us that with the single mind and the submissive mind we can make a difference.

CRITICAL QUESTION: What type of an example can you set, regardless of age, for all believers? How does this impact our daily walk?

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