Taking Steps

Okay, so we are few weeks into a new curriculum on Sunday Mornings called Explore the Bible: Hebrews. At the same time, on Sunday Nights we study a practical approach to the book of Philippians. Each week one of my blog posts is designed specifically for parents to help with having faith-based conversations throughout the week. There are multiple sections providing either a conversation piece or action steps. But for many, the knowledge of what their student is learning is not enough, and that’s okay. So listed below are few practical tips for parents to help with putting this knowledge to good use:

1. Print of the post and put it where the entire family can see and discuss during family dinner.

2. Read Philippians (or Hebrews) daily. There is a family reading plan available on our website.

3. Memorize the memory verse with your student.

4. Before your student leaves for school, or when you drop them off encourage them with that week’s CENTRAL TRUTH.

5. During a meal, before your student leaves for school, or before bed pray the weekly prayer with them.

Those are just a few suggestions. I want to encourage to you pick on and try it this week, then let other parents and myself know how it went. Also, feel free to share some of your own tips, tricks, or experience by commenting on how you have been trying to implement this weekly conversation piece.

Last thing for CP Parents. You are not in this alone. There are other parents who are facing the same challenges in raising up students who love and follow Jesus. The more we can share stories of challenges, victories, and encouragement, and  then pray for one another the more successful we will be as we seek to honor God in raising up students who love and follow Jesus

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