CP Students Taking It Home (9/7)

Sunday Morning

CP Students learned that the gift of salvation is only offered through Jesus Christ and we must not neglect that relationship. In the personal challenge they were asked to look at their lives and think about what really matters. Spend some time this week talking with your student about what really matters in your life. Ask your student to tell you if the activities of your life reflect what you say you value. This will give both of you a great opportunity to connect what you say you value versus what you demonstrate.

CENTRAL TRUTH: The gift of salvation is only offered through Christ. We must not neglect that relationship or be distracted from it.


❯ Dwell: What in your life really matters? What relationships are you building that will last beyond this year? Five years? Ten? It is easy for us to focus too much on temporary things and give them too much influence over our life. This could be a sport, school, or a guy/girl. None of these things are bad, but they can distract us from Jesus Christ. Focus your thoughts on Him this week and give Him your affection. Christ deserves our best.

❯ Memorize: Hebrews2:1

❯ Pray: Ask God to change your perspective this week. Too often we get caught up and distracted by the ordinary day-to-day events in our lives, and we take our eyes off of what matters. When we see Christ as He truly is and keep our eyes fixed on Him, the other areas of our lives will take their rightful place.

Sunday Night

Tonight, at the Student Ministry Gathering, CP Students learned that  following Jesus isn’t a single event. He is continually working in us, as we continually seek to make disciples. Paul calls all believers saints. Do we forgive ourselves for the mistakes we make, or do we hold onto them? Christ has forgiven us and that brings freedom–freedom to not live in fear of our past mistakes. Following Jesus is a lifelong journey of prayer, abiding, and walking in the way he has prepared for us as he makes us new.

Core Text: Philippians 1:6 “And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Christ Jesus.”

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