Making This Year Matter

School has started; people are migrating back to church; and, everyone is falling back into routine. CenterPointe Christian Church is driven by a mission of Connect – Center – Change. The vision for CP’s Student Ministry, driven by this mission, is “Sending out Christ-centered, biblically-anchored, world changing students.” That’s right. World-changing students. In whatever their profession, wherever they’re called, whatever they do, we want students to impact the world for Jesus.

Each school year in order to mobilize our students, the Student Ministry Team comes up with a theme. This year’s theme is


We want to make disciples, make this year count, make this year matter because Christ is making us new.

For Gathering this Fall, High School and Middle School students will be studying the book of Philippians. Each week we will cover the same texts taught in the worship service that morning, just with the Student Ministry perspective. We will focus in on how we were made to joyfully live for Christ. Practically, students will be challenged to live out four rhythms. Pray Daily. Faith-Talk Weekly. Play Monthly. Serve Quarterly.

For Sunday Mornings in the Middle School Ministry, we will be starting Explore the Bible, focusing in on the book of Hebrews. Students will be challenged to interact with the Word of God, developing skills to daily walk with the Lord. The High School will also work through Hebrews, but during the 9:30a service. Each week the students will get a text to work through, learning context, original intent, and then practical application.

Both of these studies are designed to equip students to live christ-centered, biblically-anchored, world-changing lives. As the Student Minister, I want to help parents and guardians come alongside their students with love and encouragement, providing teachable moments as they learn to take ownership of their own faith. The posts each week will help them do just that.

Here are some specifics to look out for for bible study: a breakdown of each week’s lesson to a central theme, a memory verse, a thought to dwell on, and an opportunity to keep on digging.

Lastly, here are some opportunities to live out the mission and vision of CenterPointe, while teaching students to do the same: Weekend of Prayer, Growth Groups, Personal Quiet Time, and Serving in one of CP’s ministries.

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