Sunday Morning Curriculum

I am so excited to announce that starting August 31st, CP will offer a new curriculum on Sunday mornings for children ages birth-8th grade. This new curriculum is called, “Explore the Bible”, by LifeWay. Check out this video:

How does it work?

In each session, children and students (birth-8th grade) study the same passage of Scripture and the same concept within the same book. Student will specifically dive-in and take time learning how to read Scripture, bridge contexts, discover rich bible truths, and be challenged in practical ways to take next steps during the week. A family memory verse helps the entire family dwell on each session’s concept.

In Fall 2014, for example, all age groups will study Hebrews. In one session adults, students, and kids will study heroes of the faith, focusing on Hebrews 11:1-7. Students will find the central truth, while discovering what it means to have faith in Jesus. All ages will take away a central concept of Hebrews 11.

What to expect from me & how will this impact you?
Each week, check out my blog posts on this page for what your student learned Sunday morning in their class (6th-8th grade). This will help you stay connected to what your child is studying & help YOU jump-start conversations about Jesus in the home! I want to partner with you & equip you to walk alongside your student as their primary Bible teacher.

Also, we have a new addition to our CenterPointe website called, “Parent Resources”. Check out this resource page for online parent help on topics like family, parenting, entertainment, and kid friendly websites. I also have some student specific websites linked on my blog.

 Hope you are as excited as I am! Stay tuned for more information. Make sure you follow this blog by entering your email  in the right sidebar to receive weekly updates straight to you.

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