Noah: The Watchers

I finally went and saw the movie Noah. There has been controversy surrounding this movie since it first came out by the general Christian population in regards to its content and message. I’m sure I will post an official review to follow this article, once I get over the fact the Russell Crowe didn’t go gladiator on as many people as I wanted. However, I want to touch on one of the major elements first: The Watchers. When I first heard of their inclusion in the movie I was quite confused. Who are they? Why would they be included in this story? Why are they some strange combination of rock monster and angelic being? Here is some research on what I have found. I hope this tapers some of the overreaction of the unbiblical nature of Noah in this specific area.

Two places I want to encourage you to read. The book of Daniel and the book of Enoch. You may not recognize the latter because it is not found in our Christian or Hebrew bibles. However, it is included in the pseudepigrapha. Within these two books you will come to several references of the Watchers and the role they played in early society. Listed below are some links to check out to help make up your own mind on the Watchers.

Click to access 9781598564891-ch01.pdf

The Afterlife in Apocalyptic Literature

My hope is that you do some research before speaking out about the nature of the Watchers, whether you agree or disagree on their presence in a pre-historical world. While personally I find their nature awkward, I would still want you to be informed on the subject. I have done my best to compile some scholarly articles with some reasonable readable ones. Good luck!

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