That’s All Folks!

Five weeks, just like that, gone. I can’t believe how fast the time has gone by.


Exactly 6 weeks ago, the Senior Minister, Brian Bolton, took a 2 week vacation with a 3 week sabbatical and left our team of elders, staff, and ministry leaders. It has now been one week since his return (Lord of the Rings style).


Throughout these five weeks I have had different responsibilities alongside my usual Youth Ministry duties.

Each week I hosted, led communion, and offering to maintain constancy (people got a lot of Kyle).

A few things I noticed…I was never looking at the same faces each week. We had very few people who felt that they needed to confess, receive prayer, or accept Christ (seems like most people don’t).

One week I took calls while our administrative assistant was out of the office. There are some weird people out there (who most definitely need Jesus).

I ran one event by myself (never done that before).

Created a video for each week that connected Brian to the congregation (more or less, so it wasn’t so awkward when he got back).

Cool, right?

I mean now life goes on as usual, back into the youth ministry flow. Especially, forgetting to put stuff away, playing Rockband, eating at every youth event, and occasional blog post.

After some time to process, there was a lot of good that came out of Brian’s break. Some of those things are:

1) We have an eldership that is committed to reaching people and furthering God’s kingdom. We tweaked service and focused on highlighting what the speaker challenged us to do in our church.

2) I was able to experience things in ministry that I most likely would not have happened.

3) Our church has started to wake up and really connect with the Spirit. The past couple weeks, from my perception, second service has been packed.

4) Our church was able to be challenged by mature Christians outside of our current body.

I am excited for what is coming this fall! I anticipate big things on the horizon for CenterPointe as long as we continue to remain faithful, preach & teach the Gospel, challenge each other to grow, and love unconditionally.

Oh yeah, Senior Ministers take Sabbaticals!!


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