You’re doing what?!?

This past May I graduated from Kentucky Christian University with a degree in Youth & Family Ministry. It has been a complete joy in my life. I love working with Middle and High school students (most people think I’m crazy)! I have been doing the normal Youth Ministry stuff and began the summer events, when our Senior Minister approached me about an idea he had been mulling around in his head. He wanted to teach young men how to preach through this program he had been subscribing to.

I thought this was awesome! I was going to be able to be part of this class and learn to refine my skill in preaching alongside of these students. Well, that’s what I thought, until Brian informed me that we were starting this class in like a week and for five weeks he was going to be gone! It was official, God had a sense of humor! A Youth Minister who took only two preaching classes during school, preached only 4 times, and has been on the full-time payroll for one week was now going to be teaching and facilitating a preaching class.
Well, it has officially been seven weeks of this class and I am learning so much. This week I will be preaching on Wisdom from Foolishness out of the book of Proverbs. I have attempted to utilize what skills I have learned from Preaching Rocket.Good luck….

Here are just a couple of thoughts I have on this process:

Preaching Rocket

1. Preaching Rocket is a phenomenal resource! It is a month by month program that focuses on one area of your preaching for a month at a time. Anyone who preaches regularly or does presentations regularly should buy into this program. Go to and check it out! I won’t give you the hard sell (I’ll let them do that), but in just seven weeks I feel more comfortable and confident about preaching. I preach on Sunday, and my sermon is done on Thursday and I feel no need to tweak it or edit it. I had the option to get feedback from preachers all over the country who are also using this program. The only job I have left is to practice. Seriously, I was done on Thursday, research and all. This program has allowed me to craft two specific skills: a BOTTOM LINE & my First Five Minutes!

2. I have experienced discipleship done right. Let’s be clear, this isn’t my intentional discipleship, I have watched it unfold by the grace of God through my very own eyes. Not only, is there homework and assignments for each week of this program, but I am doing these alongside of the students. We are working and learning together. Now, we are all at different spiritual levels, which has allowed us to grow, challenge, and encourage each other for more. We are just meeting in a group of three (highly encouraged in scripture) and growing weekly.

3. We have been exposed to other churches, christians, and methods of preaching. Throughout this process, we have continued to listen, watch, and read material by other christians in different contexts. I believe this has challenged our faith. Sometimes we get caught up in our own city, church, and church culture and we forget about what God is doing and teaching others outside of our own church context. Seeing this and experiencing this has allowed me to appreciate what our church is doing and where God is challenging us to take steps of faith. This was something I had never experienced until college and it was mind blowing. It has been so cool to listen to a High Schooler and Middle Schooler talk about how some preacher in Atlanta spoke into their life via video and how that has changed their perception about what their role should be in the church here.

So, I graduated with a Youth Ministry to teach others how to preach!

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