What are your idols?

Recently, I finished Gods at War by Kyle Idleman and it kicked me in the teeth. I highly encourage everyone to read it, especially if you think you have idols and are un-wanting to give them up or that you don’t have idols in your life. Also, check out http://store.cityonahillstudio.com/gods-at-war-1.html

When was the last time you thought you had an idol problem? I mean many of us say that we don’t make gold or bronze idols anymore, but that idol worship today isn’t that big of deal. Seriously, isn’t idolatry a thing in third world countries or stories from the Old Testament? Wait, maybe my PS3 or Tv is an idol because I spend a lot of time with those things, but am I really worshipping it? Just because I spend most of my time working, thinning about work, or planning for work doesn’t make it an idol, right? The thing we desperately want to have or to happen is slowly becoming your god. We can recognize that ‘gods’ of our society, but what is the god of your life?

gods at War

What I don’t want to do is rewrite the book, but I hope you realize that you have idols in your life. They may be good things, but take away from the attention, adoration, and worship that God rightfully deserves. We don’t take this seriously, though. Why? Because we don’t want to give up what gives us pleasure here and now.

If you feel like you don’t have any idols in your life or you think that it’s not a sin you’re struggling with, my suggestion that this is a book for you. Gods at War walks through various aspects of life and illustrates how easily good things turn in idols that battle for your heart.

The biggest question for me while reading this book was, could I be honest with myself about what were my idols? I think our natural instinct is to protect ourselves from ourselves, when trying to self-evaluate. It’s easier to live in denial than to actually open up and allow God–the true God and the living God–to change us. If we let this happen then it means giving up or dethroning what we most desperately want. I was unsure of what mine would be. I could spend less time doing certain things, but were these really my idols? Come to find out many of these things were actually symptoms of what were my gods.

Here were the idols that this book showed me were idols that I didn’t even realize:

  • Family
  • Entertainment
  • Achievement
  • Romance

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