Why is Youth Ministry Important? (3/3)

…Because intentional community is vital in the life of a Christian.

The question today is:    Are you surrounded by intentional community?

So what is intentional community and what does it look like in the life of a Christian?

Intentional community can simply be defined as placing or purposefully surrounding yourself with people who build you up, give you biblical guidance, grow in Christ together, and hold you accountable. At the same time, intentional community is surrounding yourself with people who do not know Christ and his ways or spiritually immature, but who you are intentional modeling Christ for.

Community is living in relationship with others. Without community we rely on ourselves. When we rely on ourselves, we are relying on broken machines who are missing an important part. Even those who wouldn’t say they are outgoing still need community because our being exists in community. God is One, but God exists in relationship (Father, Jesus Christ, & Holy Spirit), therefore if we are made in his image, we exist to live in community.

Many times we exist in community, but have no purpose. Our families or homes are a community. We are part of a work community. We are part of a community because of our kids. We are part of a community because we go to school there. We are part of a community because we all play video games together, or sports together, or even show up on Sundays for church together.

Intentional community is having a purpose for being in community. Jesus surrounded himself with 12 disciples, so that he could intentional minister, build up, and mold them. We forget that God has purposefully placed us in every community, so that we can disciple people around us. Being intentional is not always easy because of the trouble it may bring, but Jesus didn’t promise it easy. We exist to show people Jesus’s love, so that they may see the Father’s love, so that they will show others the love of the Father in the communities that they exist in. In essence, we make disciples who make disciples.

Instead of living out intentional lives, we focus on our kids, our jobs, our family, and even our personal interests. Why? We like to exist. We like to be comfortable. It’s too easy to focus on our agenda for the day, rather than God’s plan for our day. Our connection with God doesn’t impact our lives outside of Sunday mornings. It’s too easy to fall into this lifestyle pattern and it’s too hard to change it by ourself.

We need God’s guidance and His Spirit to direct our day.

Why is youth ministry important?

Because if done right, it provides intentional community for students to be built up and sent out with a mindset of discipleship and kingdom work, breaking the pattern of simply existing.

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